Drill String Equipment / Drilling Accessories

A ditch magnet is a  junk retrieval tool designed to remove metal particles from drilling mud.  High Quality stainless steel is used to encapsulate a series of extra strength magnet elements assuring maximum pick up capacity.  Available in 18″, 24″, and 36″ lengths.  


Crossover subs are used to connect components with different sizes or thread types.   Commonly used to connect drill pipe and collars they can also be used to adapt the drill string to various needs or configurations.  Available in box x pin, box x box, or pin x pin configurations.

Kelly Valves, Saver Subs and Inside BOPs

Lift Plug / Cast Steel Thread Protector

Cast Steel Lift Nubbin Thread Protectors

Casing Scraper

Casing Scrapers are used to clean mud, rust, mill scale, cement, paraffin, burrs, and any other foreign material from inside the casing walls. Casing Scrapers are manufactured from Heat Treated Alloy Steel. The Scraper blades are arranged for complete 360 degree coverage in rotation or reciprocation. Recommend both when scraping burrs such as perforation holes.

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